Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Customized Thank You Cards

I thought I would share a quick way to customize Thank You cards. 
 You can do this for any type of card really.  The fall and winter mark birthday time in my house so why not start planning ahead. 

Here is the card I made.

This is from an image my oldest, Mr. B. made.  I just love it.  Not sure if it is the colors or the design or the fact he is my child, but I love it.  
This technique is from my scrapbooking days.  
All you will need is...
vellum paper
clear embossing powder
heat gun

First, decide on your image.  This was a digital copy he made on the computer, but if it is a hard copy simply scan it or take a picture of it with your digital camera and upload it into the computer.
I didn't need anything fancy done to it so I opened it up in a Word doc.  Choose whatever program you would like for editing or printing.

Once you have done that get your heat gun plugged in and the embossing powder ready to go.

You will need to work somewhat fast so be prepared.  Once you have your image, decide the size and send it to the printer, using the vellum paper.  I have only done this on an ink jet.  Once it is printed you need to cover it in embossing powder.  Thanks to the vellum, when it is printed on the ink comes out wet which allows the embossing powder to stick to it.

Once you have it coated simply pour off the excess and tap it lightly to knock off any remaining powder.  

Now you can turn on the heat gun and watch the magic happen.  Slowly go back and forth until it is all melted and coated.

And now you can cut out your image and glue it to any card stock of your choice. Finish with any small details and your card is done.


I hope this inspires you to customize your cards and make them meaningful.  You can use your child's art work, photos, words, colored embossing powder.  The sky is the limit.

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