Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nadiya's Christmas Gift

We draw names for all the kiddos and set a budget.  My budget was $20.  Since I live in a world of nothing but boys I always jump at the chance to make something girly.  Yea for GIRLS!!  I set off to make my niece, Nadiya, something for her room.    Colors are hot pink and brown.  A friend of mine made cork boards for her daughters room and that had me inspired.  I looked and looked in Michaels and just wasn't feeling it.  Have you ever had one of those days where nothing is inspiring to you?  After round 3 of walking each isle I stopped at the 12x12 scrapbook frames.  Hmmm, I can buy cork in 12x12 sheets!  Hmmm, those Gerber Daisies are on sale!!(or so I thought)  I used my 50% off coupon for the cork, bought pink and brown ribbon, bought some paint and the pink daisies to border the frame.  I ended up taking the daisies back because they were not on sale and found a pink Hawaiian lay necklace that was hot pink for $3 and bought that instead.  I cut the string to the necklace and pulled the flowers off.  I painted the frame chocolate brown and hot glued the flowers on it.  Placed a shiny stud in the middle of the flowers and braided the ribbon together so she could hang it on her wall.  Plus, I hot glued her name on the cork.  I will try to get a better shot but this hopefully gives you the idea.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gift's for the Twins

I have many sets of twins in my life and these were for my favorite 19 yr old girls.  They recently redid their room and the colors they chose were blue and pink.  I had old boring cream picture boards sitting around collecting dust and finally decided to make something better out of them.  I think these gifts cost me all of $10 each because I used coupons and found the fabric on sale.  I love that I can personalize things for so much cheaper than buying already made.  They make me smile these pictures boards came out so good.

backyard make over

My in-laws love to sit outside and drink their coffee in the morning and I've always wanted a space outside where I could have my tea and just be at peace.  They inspire me to do the same.  A space for my quiet time and wake up a bit because I am not a morning person.  Well, we let our back porch get a little messy and this spring we decided to finally make it a priority.  This is what we have done so far.

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