Thursday, May 26, 2011

Family Collage Wall

Sorry for all of you that saw the finished product of this and have been, probably, impatiently waiting.  School is finally winding down for my boys and I finally feel like I am coming up for air.

For all of you that did not see the teaser photos, I recently did a family collage wall in my hallway leading to my master bedroom.  It probably took me from start to finish 2 weeks to do this project.  I used a lot of frames I already had.  I think I only bought 4 new ones and I got them all from the Dollar Tree.  I spray painted them all the same color and added bit of spa green here and there for an added, but subtle, punch of color.  I hope you enjoy the process.  I stressed over it a lot!  I am not one of those people that levels and measures and takes their time.  I hate dislike exacts.  Because of that it tends to get me into trouble craft wise.  But for this project I measured and leveled a little, just a little.  I made my husband proud.  I asked him for his opinion of my initial floor placement of all the frames and he said, "Looks good."  I am so excited that I did do this all myself and never got so stressed that I had to ask him for his help with all of the "exacts".  :D
Enjoy and let me know if you have ever done a collage wall.  If you haven't or have felt intimidated I hope my "semi-exact" methods make it do able for you.

I first laid all my frames out on the floor and moved them around until I had them generally where I like them.

While the pictures where on the floor I measured width and height for tape placement on the wall.

I thought I took a picture with just the painters tape up, but I can't find it.  I first taped up my basic height and width rectangle and then measured up every 5in and put tape.  I used my husbands laser leveler for all the taping.  LOVE it!!!  This method may not work for you but I saw it on a design show and knew my brain could handle doing a collage wall this way.  The nice thing is this is the only exact part of the process.  You use the other tape lines to keep you straight and even on the frame placement.  I used the tape to help level the bottoms of frames and to level the tops of frames.  Once you have all the frames in place you take off the tape.  I will use this method again and again I think.  Hopefully I have explained it so you get my method of madness.

I used napkins to mod podge the M.  Don't you just love it!!! See the bit of green in family?  Just a subtle splash.

I added all of my family photos from earlier generations.  I also added a G for my maiden name.  It was gold(Hobby Lobby) but I used the same green from the family sign.  

 Another splash of green is added through this family tree I had done. 

I used nails and 3M velcro strips to hang up the frames and 
Letter M.  Love 3M!!!

finished project again

There ya go.  My family collage wall.  It still makes me happy as I pass it.  Don't you just love feeling happy in your house, but also feeling happy that a project worked out!!?


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Under Her Wings said...

I'm so excited! I can finally post and comment. Hopefully that won't happen again. Love the wall--and you!

Amelia Fiser said...

I love this collage. When we come back to the mainland, you need to come help me decorate!!

cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

love this wall. it looks great!
i've recently done a smaller wall in my daughter's room -
hope your week has been kind!
cheryl xox.

Anonymous said...

where did you get the large M??? I have been looking for a letter that size! I love it all!! Thanks!

The Creative Chickadee said...

I bought it several years back at a HUGE JoAnn Fabrics in KC,MO. Not sure if they have them still. Check online maybe? I recently found a link to make your own. Here it is.
I want to make these for my boys' rooms.

Thanks for stopping by!

ambrose thomas said...

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