Wednesday, June 1, 2011


 Easy, easy project that even a beginner can do.  

1.Find an old cabinet door.
(garage sales, Habitat Restore, curb side, etc)

2.  Buy the following supplies
-chalkboard paint
-spray paint

-drawer knobs of your choice


3.  Spray the outer border of the cabinet with your spray paint, or regular paint.
Let Dry completely
4.  Tape off the border section and spray paint the middle portion with the chalkboard paint.
Let Dry Completely.

5.  Paint your drawer pulls.
  I used a cardboard box that I cut slits into it to secure my knobs upright while drying.

6.  Drill holes in your cabinet door.  I measured to get them evenly spaced and I still failed at it, but it looks fine.

7.  After knobs have dried, mod podge pattern paper on them.  
8.  Secure the knobs into the drilled holes.

9.  You need to temper your chalkboard by going over it with chalk before officially using it.  Rub the flat side all over it and the clean it off.  You are ready to hang and use the new chalkboard.  

Mine was for my niece to put in her room.  
The paper and paint I picked out goes along 
with the birdie art my sister and I did for her room.  LOVE IT!!!  
Lots of simple steps and with the weather warming up it won't take long for the paint to dry.  I would say this project may take you a few hours for dry time.