Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aprons, Bugs and Cub Scouts--OH MY!

My husband is an Eagle Scout.  He wanted our boys to be involved with Scouting because of the positive impact it had in his life growing up.  Great, more time for me to have Kelly time and the boys can have more Daddy time.  WRONG!  I have been sucked in to the world of Scouting.  More Cub Scouting with our youngest than the Boy Scouting with my oldest.  I am rambling, to the point Kelly.  This year I was asked to be in charge of crafts for the Cub Scouts Day Camp in our area.  "Sure!" I said. "Love to!" I said.  What?  :D  The gals and I made aprons this year to really allow us to shine and really to feel a little more "girly" in the world of sweat, mud, bugs and buggers.  You get my point.  I thought for fun I would include some pictures of our aprons.  I've made aprons for my niece before, but I have been really inspired to look more into the world of aprons.  They are so trendy right now.  Our aprons for Day Camp weren't so trendy but maybe they will inspire you to get creative with an apron!

Bar Project Part 2

This is the latest bar photo.  If you are just now tuning in on the bar redo before pictures are in my May archives under Bar Project. The tile I so want is a little out of my price range.  I am still on the hunt via internet and wholesalers for cheaper tile.  I will not settle.  :D  My in-laws were actually in town over Father's Day and my Mother-in-law thought it was very cute.  Love the approval.  hehehe.

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I found these 6x6 printed canvases at Michael in their $1 bins.  I have been reading a lot about image transfers and I think I am going to paint these these do some image transferring onto them.  I am quite excited.  Now I just need to find the perfect images.  It will either be my boys or flowers. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

My violin students got this birdie for me.  My friend Rebekah who picked it out said it reminded her of my creative chickadee.  I loves it!!

Flower Addict

I've decided I am addicted to flowers.  They are what make any day brighter for me.  I ate breakfast outside this morning, because it was actually not too humid to do this, and read my Bible while eating my spinach, ham and egg white omelet.  It was such a joy to actually sit back and just take in all the flowers that are blooming this spring and summer.  Thank you Lord for the flowers.

Updated Bar Photos

Here are the updated photos of the patio bar that I am redoing.  I am becoming more and more hopeful of it's outcome.  I am sewing the wrap around fabric this week and then the only thing left to do will be to buy some tiles to redo the tops of the surfaces.  The fabric I bought was canvas grocery bag fabric from Jo Ann Fabrics.  $2.49 a yard and I used a 40% off coupon.  So far 4 cans of spray paint have been the priciest purchase, but worth it.  Let me know if you are as hopeful as I am.