Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flower Balls Dollar Tree Style

Raise your hand if you love you some Dollar Tree!
ME, ME, ME, ME, I DO!!!

I was in there one day looking for some gift bags and remembered seeing a flower ball made out of silk flowers and a wiffle ball for the base. I was like, WHAT!!  That is so genius.
"Might as well look for these things while I am in here", I thought with a grin and a walk of a determination.

Low and behold they had a 4 pack of wiffle balls, but I wasn't liking any of their silk flowers.  I mean, I love the DT and all but their silk flowers are nothing to brag about.  A little discouraged I continued to peruse the isles.  And there they were...cute little rose buds in containers for gifts.  I was so excited I just grabbed 6 of them.  3 cream and 3 light pink.
My day was now complete and I left the DT a happy woman.

Back at home I plugged in the hot glue gun, pulled out the wiffle balls and started opening the flower packages up. 
"Wow, these smell pretty."  I examined the container closer.  Ya, I bought rose petal soaps.  You can throw them in your bathtub for a relaxing bath filled with aroma therapy.  Who has time for that?  I was determined to not get discouraged and  glue these bad boys onto the wiffle ball.  I wanted flower balls and I was gonna get flower balls.  In the world of crafting sometimes you just have to go with it.  Am I right ladies?

Any who...It took all of 3 containers to make one ball.  It was a little tricky on glue placements when it came to the holes in the wiffle balls, but again, you just have to go with it.  There is really no tutorial to go with this.  Just glue them as close as possible so you see less of the ball.  Plus it looks prettier the fuller it is.  In about an hour I had completed 2 flower balls both costing around $3.25 each.  Not bad.  Wanna see how I decorated with them, huh, do ya?

Remember this shot from my Vitamin Storage post.  The cream ball is on my vanity sitting on a votive candle holder.  I can't wait to paint my walls a soft grey which will make it pop that much more.

The pink one is in my entry way greeting visitors with it's delicate fragrance.  hahahaha.

Can you believe these flowers are bath products?  I'm just glad they worked.  I simply adore them.  What do you guys think?  


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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cute Vitamin Storage

 How many of you take vitamins?  
In my effort to live healthier one of those items is to regularly take vitamins.  It is such an easy thing to do, yet I forget all the time.  I have learned I need to keep the bottles on the sink or I will forget to take them.  Well, I hate the bottles.  
They are ugly and plain!  
 I have tried to make my sink as feminine as possible and these vitamin bottles are killing my efforts.  I decided one day while doing my hair to make my own bottles.  Cute bottles.
This tutorial is all about my efforts.  

 I picked up these containers at Walmart for around $2 each. 

I cut out a design with vinyl using my Cricut.    I thought it would be cute to use the periodic table symbol for Calcium, hence the (Ca). 

I then placed the vinyl on the containers and took some Dover White(the best white ever!!!) spray paint to them.  I did several coats to block as much light as possible from getting to the vitamins.  They come in those ugly containers for a reason.   

Once they dried completely I peeled off the vinyl and walla.
I am going to let them sit over the weekend before putting vitamins in there.  I want as much of the spray fumes and smell to go away before putting my vitamins in them.

And there ya go, a quick, easy, simple idea for making vitamin containers cuter.  

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