Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm in LOVE with Mod Podge: LOVE blocks

I have been making blocks that say PRAY on them but thought I would finally post something new.  Here are my LOVE blocks in honor of Valentine's Day coming up.

Great for decor or a gift
How did I make these.  Easy.  Mine are made from 4x4x8 pieces of lumber that my lovely friend's husband cut for me into 4x4 blocks.  However, you can go up to Michael's and buy hollow blocks around the same size.  They run about $3 block.  You will need 2 of them.  You will need paper and Mod Podge, glossy or matte.
Find some cute Valentine paper you like.  You will need 8 different types of paper.

I cut my background paper 3/4" smaller than my block, but play with the size to fit your style.

Cut our your letter in coordinating paper.  I used my Cricut, but free handing is just as easy.
Now, paint your blocks and allow them to dry.  I only painted the entire bottom with paint.  The sides with paper I only painted the edges.  Saves time and paint.
Use the same color as the wood to distress the edges of the paper.  I use a dry brush and very little paint to do this.  It stresses me out to distress things because I always think it looks bad, but just go with it and I guarantee it will look good.
 Now for the assembly.  If you are new to Mod Podge you will want to put a coat on the wood and the paper.  I use my Pampered Chef stone scrapers to get out the bubbles once I have placed the paper onto the wood.  Let it set and dry for about 5min.  Do not put a top coat of Mod Podge on yet.  This is important to prevent bubbling but also we still need to distress the paper.  Once it has set for 5 minutes put Mod Podge in the center of the paper where you will place the letter.  Put the glue on the letter as well.  Once you have placed the letter down and it is where you want it start to distress the corners and edges of the paper with paint.  Once it looks the way you want it go ahead and put your top coat of Mod Podge to seal the paper.  Completely cover all the sides of the blocks minus the bottom.  Not too much though.  Just enough.  And there you have it.  LOVE blocks. 

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