Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Repurposed Desk into Night Stands

It dawned on me that my last post was forever long ago and I promised a desk redo and alas summer got a hold of me and my blog has been pushed aside for pool time, reading and chilling.  At long last I have organized my pictures and will show you how to repurpose a desk and turn it into 2 night stands. 

I searched and searched for just the right desk to use for my boys' night stands.  They were using old plastic bins that were primary colors and just juvenile.  They didn't go with their rooms and they really needed more grown up furniture.  And really, night stands are not cheap.  I finally scored a desk of Craigslist and got busy tearing it apart.

The Before Picture

As I got to work on this desk I got out the hand held saw to cut the middle section and quickly realized it was being held together by nails.  I decided to ditch the saw and started banging it apart with a mallet.  Very gently.

There were some holes left from the tongue and groove parts.  I used  a dry wall mesh to cover it and then I put puddy over it and sanded.  Sorry, forgot to take pics of that part.

Separated At Last!

I love how deep the drawers are.  Perfect for my little pack rats.

Once I gave them a good sanding and fixed all the holes I sprayed them down with a Satin finish spray paint.  
I have decided I need to invest in a paint sprayer.   With all the spray paint I go through I am wondering if it would be cheaper in the long run.

The After Photos

There ya go.  Pretty easy really.  Took me about 1 day to finish these very grown up nightstands.  Mr N. is in love with his drawer pulls.  He said they were very cool! I'll take that as a Thanks MOM!

It is always fun to find new ways to use old things.  I think I have caught the repurposing bug.  Who's with me!!!

Thanks for stopping by and happy repurposing!

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Danielle said...

I am going to repurpose my baking sheets into chalk boards. I enjoy the info you post!

Carmella said...

I love the new nightstands! I never would have thought of taking apart a vanity! {I have one like this in my garage right now!} great job!

The Creative Chickadee said...

Danielle, I would love to see your cookie sheets when they are done!!!

The Creative Chickadee said...

Carmella, if you decide to make your vanity into nightstands send me a picture and I will post it.

Pinspiring Leah said...

Those turned out great! I'm stopping over from The CSI Project!

Trixi said...

Wow it looks geat! In both black and white! Now I am off to check out more of your blog cause I just love this project so much!

Ahna @ Easier Than I Thought said...

Wow! Great find and great job!

The Creative Chickadee said...

Thanks for stopping by Leah!

The Creative Chickadee said...

Trixi so excited to make a new friend. Thanks for stopping by!!


The Creative Chickadee said...

How do you say your name Ahna? THanks for stopping by. It was an awesome find.


Kirstin @ Hello Kirsti said...

LOVE this idea, especially since in addition to getting expensive fast, nightstands this way aren't soo huge! They both look great, definitely will try and find one nailed together like yours' =)