Friday, May 21, 2010

Bar Project

My husband recently visited some friends in Omaha and on his way back to Little Rock he stopped in K.C. to visit our family.  Well, to my dismay he brought stuff home from his father's house.  When he called and said he had a surprise for me I knew I was not going to like it.  It is kind of a running joke now in our 13+ yrs of marriage, that when he visits his Dad's house, especially with out me, inevitably junk will come home with him.  Maybe junk is too harsh of a word, because to Randy and his father it is treasure.  "You never know when you may need ________.", is his favorite line.  Now that I am stuck with the bar for outside I am determined to make it a little more presentable.  I'm not sure if I will like it any more once it is finished but hopefully a make over will prevent it from sticking out like a sore thumb.  This will now be my new weekend project.  Can't you just hear the excitement in my voice. hahaha

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