Friday, December 3, 2010

December 3rd-2 for 1, A gift and decor

A few years back a friend bought me this huge napkin if that is what one would call it.  It was Christmas themed and she had it embroidered with our name on it.  I loved it, no, I LUUUUVED it.  Never quite knew what to do with it until now.

I had a old canvas that was even painted on, but I staple gunned the napkin to it and hung it outside by the trees.  I think it adds a little extra something to the corner.  I used heavy duty all weather tape that you can find at Walmart in the hardware section.  Again, for me it was free, but getting this embroidered was probably under $10 if you find something similar at a store.  I hope this helps you think outside the box a little, whether you buys napkins and embroider them for someone this year or decorate with them.



The Thrifty Designer said...

Love that idea! What a fun use for that napkin/towel....and it really finishes that corner.

Under Her Wings said...

Hey, I'm excited to see that you are getting more followers. Yea! I like your "napkin."