Monday, March 14, 2011

Ballard Inspird Clock

This is the clock that started this project.  It is time to come out of my "theme" phase of decorating.  My Kitchen is coffee themed.  For 2 reasons...1) My husband is an addict and 2) I love the color scheme.  But it is time to move on and move on inexpensively.  If you aren't familiar with  
Ballard Design then go check them out.  If you can copy cat projects this is a great source.  Their items, in my opinion, are way over priced and can be copied for pennies.  My inspiration for the clock is all over blog land and in Ballard.
Original Art from Ballard Design

I am normally not a contemporary design kinda gal or abstract but I am drawn to this design each time I see it.  So here is what I did with my coffee clock.
supplies: mod podge, paint chips and foam brush

Paint chips are FREEEEE, but I felt bad taking so many which is why I did a small project.  Maybe if I hit different home improvement stores I wouldn't feel so bad. 

I mod podged the clock and the back of the paint chips.  Don't put any on top of the paint chips yet.

I decided to cut a tree out of the extra brown and leaves from the other colors.  Just to be me.  Makes it a little less abstract for me.
 I then flipped in upside down and trimmed the edges with my razor blade.

I forgot to take a picture of the step before this, but I glazed it with brown to age it a bit.  
I then covered the entire clock with 2 coats of mod podge.  Letting it dry between coats.
Horrible picture, but the walls are a yellow and this is the final clock picture.  I think the yellow was too overwhelming for my camera.  Sorry. 

Imagine the possibilities with paint chips.  This cost me next to nothing to make.  I already had the clock and the chips were free.  My only out was the use of mod podge.  See what you can redecorate in your house for next to nothing.  It's a great feeling when you do!!

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Under Her Wings said...

I absolutely love that clock, Kelly. What a great job you did! You're so good...........

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

That is awesome!
What's funny is, I saw this post:
and gathered about 1/3 of my paint chips already, (in fact, in my NOT homeschooling anymore post, the chips are next to my Bible on the dining room table). I couldn't take too many at Lowe's (I felt bad, too!) for wall art above my garden tub.
I suppose one could paint-chip anything flat, huh? :)
I am so glad you stopped by my place.
Thank you for letting me know who you know that I know!
Many blessings to you as you make your home, Kelly!
HUGS from SC,
P.S. I miss Charity's blogging, don't you?

Lindsay Conner said...

Love this idea! I stopped by from the UBP, and I'm over at if you'd like to say hi!

Lydia said...

ok, this is so funny. i'm doing clocks for camp and am looking up stuff online and see yours and say, "WOW! That is so cute!" Then i look at the picture to the right and say, "I KNOW HER!!!!!!!!!" So fun to randomly come across someones blog and find that you know them!

The Creative Chickadee said...

I'm glad you found me Lydia. hahahahaha