Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"I have always known it was you." Giveaway

See this man ladies?  This is my HB, my Mr. Mr., my "be still my beating heart" husband.  I just love this man. He is my best friend, my biggest cheerleader and challenger, he is an amazing father to our boys, he is an amazing provider and leader, he is the belly ache to my laugh and he is all mine.  I am posting about him today because it is our Anniversary.  Our 15th Anniversary!!  I still remember our wedding day so clearly. *sigh*

I am not just posting to ramble on about my hunk of a man husband, although I could. (wink wink)  I wanted to share with you some of the things I have been making for our master bedroom to romance it up a bit and to help celebrate out 15yrs of hard work.  And, that's not all.  One of you lucky ladies will be receiving one of these romantic canvases.  I mean why can't we all celebrate my Anniversary right?!!  Follow along on all the fun projects and at the end will be the rules on how to enter the giveaway.

I'm not sure how many of you are on Pinterest, but I can't not get on it at least once a day.  I love it.  There is a point to all of this.  I came across the below image and my heart instantly went pitter patter.  I was smitten.  Just my style of project.  "I must copy this." I said to myself.  And this one little picture is where I got the beginnings of my inspiration for this post.  The rest of the projects are inspired through Pinterest posts.   Let's begin shall we....

This is the inspiration piece.  Isn't it just lovely.  Are you as giddy as I?

I wanted to make our master bedroom all about us on this anniversary.  It already kind of is, but I wanted to shout a clear message that said, "Hey you talk, dark and handsome!!  I am in love with you!"  Here are the things I have done.  I will walk you through a few but then just post pictures of the others.  They were all done in the same basic format.  I don't want to bore you with too many tutorials.

All projects were done on 12x12 canvases from Michael's.  I got them on sale in a pack.  Jack pot!!  This first one I have used chip board to mimic the wooden lettering from the inspiration piece.  I am on a tight budget because of school shopping, our anniversary and a formal banquet we are attending so I had to make due with what I already had.  These were self adhesive but I put glue on the back anyways.  I am not precise on measurements but I eye balled this to space it out.  I hope it's even.  Project 1 down, well somewhat.

The saying for another canvas.  "I carry your heart with me; I carry it in my heart."  One of my favorite poems from E.E. Cummings.  I fond a font that looked Jane Austinish and printed it out.  I printed the mirror image of it so it would transfer correctly.
I transferred it old school by penciling over the letters to make a carbon copy.  When I flipped it over I traced over the letters and it transferred onto the canvas.

This was one of the most time consuming.

Next comes the heart outline in our names and our wedding date.  It's not a completed heart and I like that it's just the outline.  I cut out a heart and laid the letters on it then glued them down.  I traced over the wording with bubble paint.  Hey, I had to use what I could find.

After I spray painted all four canvases I let them dry then hung them on the wall in our bedroom. 
So pretty and romantic.  Forgive the picture quality.  I should take a class.  ;D  I do like the chipboard look better than the puffy paint I must say.  More prominent. 

Which canvas is your favorite?

found a home on either side of my dresser mirror.
A few of my favorite wedding photos.  And the plaques says, "Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be."  That song was in our wedding.  I love that it is such a popular phrase. 
I framed an anniversary card that is one of my all time favorites that my HB gave me.  It sits over my crafting station. 


Thanks for sharing this day with me!!
Now for the fun part.  THE GIVEAWAY!!!  
How to enter...

Mandatory: with out these you will not be entered
1.  You must be a follower of my blog and leave me a comment that you are.  If you already are you must leave a comment telling me so.  
2.  Tell me which of the 4 canvases is your favorite.  If you are chosen this is what you will win.  Customized for you of course.

Optional, but extra entries:
1. Like me on Facebook: The Creative Chickadee on Facebook
leave me a comment that you did here on my blog, even if you already like me.
2.  Follow me on Twitter:  @creativechickad
leave me a comment that you did here on my blog, even if you already follow me
3.Blog, Facebook, Tweet about this giveaway and earn 2 extra entries per type.  If you do all 3 that is 6 extra entries.  Leave me a comment with a link back to your post so I know you did it :D

This contest will end at 11:59pm on Sunday, August 14th, 2011.  That will give you plenty of time to enter as much as you can.  I will announce the winner on Monday.  The winner will be chosen through a randomizer.  
Good luck everyone and thanks for stopping by!!!!


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hdabbe said...

I am now a follower! I like the collage around the dresser the best Kelly, but they are all very beautiful and creative!

Anonymous said...

Love the heart one... Jamie

Amelia said...

I have to say that the one that says "I have always known it was you" is my fav, but I like all 4 together!! Wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary, KMalt!

Amelia said...

I liked you & posted about you! :) Hope I win!

Under Her Wings said...

Kelly, you are such a creative Chickadee! I love all of the pictures, but I like the first one the BEST OF ALL! Happy belated anniversary to you and Randy, two of my favorite people in the whole world.

Carmella said...

Being in love with your best friend is such a blessing, congrats to you both!

I am a follower!

Carmella said...

I love the canvas with the beautiful quote, "I have always known it was you" too sweet!

Carmella said...

I like creative chickadee on facebook...thanks so much for the chance!