Saturday, March 24, 2012

Well Hello There...Wedding 1 of 2 Show and Tell

Here I am posting after months of not publishing anything. 
 I have been busy.  Busy helping the first of my 2 sisters plan their wedding.  My 2nd sister is coming to town this weekend and I hope we can start knocking out ideas for her's.  Because of this my blogging and other things have taken a back seat. 
 I love being able to help them.  
Upon my return I have learned that so much has changed in blog land.  I am determined to catch up with the times and update my blog as needed.  I did want to show you what we have been up to for the past 2 months.  Thanks to Pinterest, planning for a wedding becomes a bit more inspired.  

I will first apologize for some of the picture qualities.  I forgot my camera at home and had to use my phone.  Booo!!!

  Colette's wedding invite and rsvp card.  We played around with some ideas until we came up with this.
There are a ton of ideas for wording and design online.  Take some time to search until you find what you like.  You can duplicate a lot that you see out there.

I thought I had these tagged in my Pinterest 
account but I can't find them.  Oh well.  
We bought these containers at the Dollar Tree.
Take some tape wrap it around. 
 Press the edges all down good.  Spray paint with color of choice.  
Peal off tape and you are good to go.

Wax luminaries.  We made these for the wedding and reception.  They were so easy!  My mom bought bulk wax online for a steal and we dyed them with wax dye.  I had to throw some crayons in there to darken the green.  It originally came out very yellow green.  Click here for tutorialThey are still making more.  We only got about 40 done.  I am all about low cost classy decor.  My HB wants to make these for the  back yard for when we entertain.

 Bridal Shower time.  
Pom poms with pink and green hues.  I never want to make another pom pom for as long as I live.  Well, for Cherie I will.


 We cut out a letter C from foam board and hot glued tulle to it.  Again, I am done with tulle for awhile.  It took 2yrd to cover this C.  I think it was worth all the burns and time.

Gift table as you walked in.  More pom poms and some of the cheapest garland I have ever made.  We had more, but lets just say it decided to have a mind of it's own come shower day and tangled into a huge mess.  I am rethinking it to use at the wedding too.
Grab a ton of paint chips in your colors and use a hole punch to get the circles.  Hot glued fishing line to the back.  Hang wherever. 

We offered Raspberry lemonade, water with oranges and raspberries and mimosas.  We tried to stay within the pink hues.

Pom Poms

Their toasting glasses.  They came out cute!!  
Colette added bling to her's.

One tip on pom poms.  If you are making them ahead you will need to hang them so they don't flatten.  We had to refluff quite a few of them before the shower and now they are hanging to stay perfect for the wedding.  Colette is making more for the big day. 
 I will not be apart of that session.  hahahahaha

There ya go.  Some of the few things I have been busy with.  More to come involving Colette's wedding.  As we make things for Cherie's I will post them as well.  

Next week I will be posting on a 
cute, stylish way to store vitamins.  
I am tired of the ugly, plastic bottles sitting on my counter.
Until then, enjoy your weekend!!!

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