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If you are new to my blog I have 2 sisters getting married this year. If you have been following me for awhile then you know I have been busy helping them out in any way possible.  I will share with you a picture from Colette's wedding at the end of this post.  Cherie's is in July and this weekend she is getting together with some girlfriends to work on projects for her wedding.  She called to see if I could email directions for pinwheels that we had researched awhile back.  
 Might as well make a post about it.


Hopefully these photos and directions are not confusing for you.  Some of the directions I found when first researching these were a bit confusing.  This is how I figured it out through trial and error.  

I used 12x12 paper

Step 1

Step 2

(Still have on wedding nails.  
They must come off, I can't craft with them. haha)

Your strips should look like this.

Step 4
(I used tape for time sake, but glue stick will work fine)

Step 5

There ya go.  I put hot glue in the middle to help keep it flat and together.  With 3" strips your pinwheel will be about 6" in diameter.  If you need larger ones, I would suggest gluing more than 2 together or using bigger paper so your strips are longer.  

Here are some options from this pinwheel.

I made a second smaller pinwheel.  This is 1" strips.

You can add letters on top of the white circle if you choose.

You can layer these cuties any way you want.  The sky is the limit.  That is the one thing I love most about them.  
The possibilities are limitless. 

Here are some my SNL and I did for my nieces' 5th birthday party.
I fell in love with these over at
They have coffee filters behind them for an extra layer.

More pinwheel ideas

Oh and the wedding picture I promised.  Almost forgot.
 One wedding down and one to go.

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Mobile Personal Trainer Perth said...

Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. This is awesome and thanks for keep your words. All are looking Gorgeous. <3 <3

The Creative Chickadee said...

Thanks and you are welcome. Glad you stopped by.

Trixi said...

wow these ook great! And your directions where easy to read! I probably have to find some way of decorating with these so I can try it out!!