Saturday, July 3, 2010


I found these really cute Tiered Cupcake Stands (Giver's Log) and have finally gotten around to making one for a special bride at our church.  It was a bit frustrating working with the ceramic plates, but they were her color scheme(cobalt blue).  Once I finally got the hang of drilling the hole with the special bit it went a lot faster. A lot of trial by error on this project so I would suggest making one just to make one before you make one for a gift.  Of course I procrastinated and my first one was hers.  Next time I am going to try the melamine type plates.  There are so many cute ones these days.  I do like the fact they can come apart and be washed in the dish washer.  Enjoy and I hope you get inspired to try it out. 

It really is easy and very inexpensive.  I think this one cost maybe $10.  The plates came from Goodwill, the candlestick from Savers, the drawer pull from Hobby Lobby and everything else from Lowe's.  The candlestick was brass originally and I sanded it and used spray paint(another new addiction of mine).



Under Her Wings said...

So cute! I didn't see them at the wedding, but I love them!

The Thrifty Designer said...

This turned out so cute! Love the knob on top. You are so creative and crafty and talented!!!

Little Apple Seed said...

Really cute! I will have to try this sometime!!