Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mail Box-altered

With my husband deploying next week I am attempting to become more organized.  With that said I purchased boxes for my boys to put their school papers in on my desk, instead of just tossed on the kitchen table to be lost for forever.  I also purchased a white tray. The color didn't do much for me since it was going by the front door, so I decided to jazz it up a bit.  Blend in with the decor.  I Mod Podged the outside with scrapbook paper that I had in my scrap bin.  Then painted the inside and antiqued the outside of the tray a bit.  All the stuff I had already so my only cost was the $6 tray from Walmart.  You always have to remind yourself that things can be altered.  If something catches your eye, but you don't like the 'look' of it per-say, then alter it.  Don't be afraid to alter.  The inside of my box didn't quite come out the way I hoped, but hey, mail is going in it anyways so I can live with it.  Happy altering.


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The Thrifty Designer said...

Love it! Looks so different altered. You know I love me some cute organizers.