Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wreath Challenged

I am a crafter.  I love flowers.  I love wreaths.  All three things should add up to a beautiful thing called a wreath, but a las I CAN'T DO WREATHS!!  I have tried and tried to make them.  I refuse to pay for them, when I KNOW I can make them cheaper.  My self esteem gets shattered every time I attempt my fate at making wreaths.  Years of feeling like a crafting failure have plagued me. "How can I make my door pretty?" I would always ask myself.
My solution came while taking a walk last fall.  A house in our neighborhood had a hanging basket full of flowers on her door.  It was beautiful.  I even whipped out my cell phone to take a picture I was so inspired.  This I can do!  My self esteem and hopes of a beautiful fall door were back.  I rushed to Michaels and Hobby Lobby to search for baskets and flowers on sale.  From that point on I have only had my metal basket(if you can call it that) and seasonal flowers on my door.  This spring and summer I did wild flowers.  Oh, I loved my door, and actually was a little sad to take them down.  But my favorite of all seasons, FALL, is back and so I have pulled out my fall flowers from the attic and placed them in their rightful place.  My front door.  Ahhhh, I love fall decorating.  If you are like me and are wreath challenged, try this idea out.  Happy Harvesting!!

I aM LinKinG tO:

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Nichole said...

I love it. Very pretty!!
It's so funny how excited we get to pull out our seasonal decor :)