Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY Wedding Invites for Cherie

If you are just tuning in both of my sisters are getting married this year.  One in April and the other in July.  Cherie came down this weekend to get away and do some wedding planning.  We had a great time.  I wanted to share her wedding invites so you can see how easy it is to make your own.
It does take some time and if you aren't used to using a word publishing program it may take you more time.  The money you will save on this DIY is worth the time.  Cherie's invites will cost her a total of $0.10 each.  Did you hear me?  10 cents each!!!!  Yep, I think that is well worth the 4 hrs we put in from start to finish.  When is comes to assembling, get your girlfriends together and have a party.  These little cuties are on my list of favorites invites I have ever made for anyone.

To start off, we scoured the internet for ideas of what she liked and was looking for.  We ran across this really neat blog that had free printable invites ( DIY invitations ).  Cherie loved it because it had her colors in the invite.  Plus it customized it to your color scheme and info.  Awesome!  Easy!  Well... Cherie didn't like some of the wording and we couldn't change some things due to the program so we came to a stand still.

Here is the picture of the original invite from the site that we were playing along with.
Cherie also decided she wanted to birds on it so it matched her save the date card.  I then suggested birds on a branch.  We fell in love with this picture off a wedding site.  Not the right colors though.  Thank goodness for Picnik still being around.  By the way, anyone else find any new programs to replace Picnik?

Here is how I altered the picture using Picnik.  I went over the birds very carefully with an orange color and used circle shapes to cover the flowers on the branches with her teal.  I hid the names with a white square and cropped it so the border would go away.  
You know how excited you get when something works out how it should in your mind?  This was one of those moments!!!  I was giddy with excitement and amazement really.

Now to duplicate the invite format.  I use Microsoft Publisher for all my invites.  It allows me to really move things around with ease.  You may use another program of your choice.  The trick to making invites like this is to use a lot of text boxes.  Almost everything has it's own text box.  This allows you to really make each element unique when it calls for it.

Here is a picture of how the invite looked on my computer.  Can you see all the text boxes? 
This is what takes so long; all the text boxes and lining 
it all up.  Invites that don't require so much detail 
will obviously be a lot easier.  

All the font was originally black but it needed some touches of her color and adding the punch of color made it look more like the original from the wedding website.  

Drum roll please......

EEEEEKKKKK, are you ready for it!!!!!

I just adore these and she is happy which is all that matters.  
Her envelopes will be the mandarin orange color.  One more layer of color to tie it all together.

Thanks for stopping by today to share in not only this special occasion but also to share in the fact that these invites actually turned out how we wanted.  Such a great feeling.  Good luck on any invites you may be making, I hoped this helped.


Wedding band Ireland said...

Wedding invitation should have all the necessary information that the guests will need to make plans to attend the wedding.

The Creative Chickadee said...

Since this is a destination wedding all of that info was sent in her save the date card. Thanks for stopping by.

Mobile Personal Trainer Perth said...

Wao!! These Birds are so cute and that Valentine's Day card is lovely. Awesome.

The Creative Chickadee said...

Thanks. we like 'em.