Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cute Vitamin Storage

 How many of you take vitamins?  
In my effort to live healthier one of those items is to regularly take vitamins.  It is such an easy thing to do, yet I forget all the time.  I have learned I need to keep the bottles on the sink or I will forget to take them.  Well, I hate the bottles.  
They are ugly and plain!  
 I have tried to make my sink as feminine as possible and these vitamin bottles are killing my efforts.  I decided one day while doing my hair to make my own bottles.  Cute bottles.
This tutorial is all about my efforts.  

 I picked up these containers at Walmart for around $2 each. 

I cut out a design with vinyl using my Cricut.    I thought it would be cute to use the periodic table symbol for Calcium, hence the (Ca). 

I then placed the vinyl on the containers and took some Dover White(the best white ever!!!) spray paint to them.  I did several coats to block as much light as possible from getting to the vitamins.  They come in those ugly containers for a reason.   

Once they dried completely I peeled off the vinyl and walla.
I am going to let them sit over the weekend before putting vitamins in there.  I want as much of the spray fumes and smell to go away before putting my vitamins in them.

And there ya go, a quick, easy, simple idea for making vitamin containers cuter.  

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Angelia said...

cute idea. i hide mine in the cabinet

Janie said...

Like the idea! Stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Party! Nice to meet you.

Kimberly said...

Super cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

Mobile Personal Trainers Perth said...

what an innovative idea. This tag line is very true - "An Idea can change your life."

Garage Sales R Us said...

Hello there! I am visiting from the UBP12. I love the vitamin containers! What a cute idea! I can't what to see what you come up with next! I will be following! I blog over at Check us out when you have some time!

Trixi said...

They look great! I am now following you by email!