Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Starburst Mirror

I have been meaning to get this project up for awhile now and life has just happened.  

I hope you are ready, because this project will rock your world.  Well, OK, it may not 
rock your world, but it makes 
my crafty heart happy. 
(Deep down I hope it rocks your world, even if it's just a little bit.)

I am in the process of gearing up for a Master Bedroom/Bathroom makeover.  I have been busy pinning all these fabulous ideas to add to our room to make it the peaceful, calm, love retreat I hope it to be.  And well, since money does not grow on trees around here, and I don't have a sugar daddy on the side, it falls on me to whip out my budget conscious craftiness to make it all happen; on the cheap.

This fabulous starburst mirror cost me a big whopping $12 to make.  Did your jaw just drop?  Are you in disbelief?  Are you secretly judging how not cute it is going to be because of the price?  You too can have this starburst mirror in your home even if you are a beginner crafter.  It was extremely easy and only took me maybe 1hr, 1 1/2 max.

The reality in prices for store mirrors.



$24.19: From Target

All my supplies came from Hobby Lobby and I did take in a coupon just in case one thing was more than I wanted to pay for. 

 I bought 3 different sizes of little mirrors, 1 large mirror, long dowels and the
 smaller package of dowels.  
I cut the longer dowels in half.

1.  Paint your dowels.  I used a cream, but silver or gold will work.  It's up to you.
2.  Flip over your mirror and find the center and start gluing 4 longer dowels down so they divide the mirror into 4s.(I used hot glue)
 3.  Continue this process with your longer dowels until it looks like a big pie on the back that you have just cut.
4.  Now start filling in the gaps with the smaller dowels.  This will give your mirror dimension and character.
(I also made a make shift hanger out of wire for when I hang it on the wall.  I am going to put epoxy glue on it to give it an extra hold)

4.  Start gluing on your mirrors.  This is really up to you on how you want to do it.  I started with the biggest ones and glued them on the longest rods at the top.  You will find a pattern.  I didn't intend to have a pattern, but it happened.  Lucky me.  Here is my inspiration link from Pinterest.

 After it is all dry, slowly and carefully pick it up and hang it on your wall.  
Once it was hung I took some Windex and a microfiber cloth to get all my fingerprints off of the mirrors.

So, what do you think?  Does it make your heart go pitter patter like mine?  The dowels do not show up well in the shot, but it is precious!  It will be relocated once the walls are painted and furniture rearranged but for now it will stay here.   
You can probably go more detailed and higher grade material, but for my budget this serves me well, and I really do love it. 
 So does my HB.  
And all for $12!!!

I hope you all are finding tons of inspiration from Pinterest and actually making
 some of those things.  
How did we function with out it? 

Happy Pinning and Crafting!!
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Charity said...

It's WAY better than the store-bought ones! I love knock my socks off with your creative abilities.

thisgirlcreates said...

Wow! That looks fantastic and all for $12. My grandmother has one of these hanging in her foyer and it cost over $500. What a great deal!

Amanda said...

I'm going to be making one just like yours, I love it.

Anonymous said...

I love the way it looks. I'm thinking about doing it too but just wanted to now how big did it come out? What's the circumference or height or whatever?

The Creative Chickadee said...

It is 37" across. You can trim the dowel rods to any size you want. Good luck. Send a pic when you are done.

kristine said...

I love this mirror u made so I started 2 buy the materials 2 make this project but can u tell me the size of the large mirror in the center?