Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2nd-Decorating with vases, garland, and ornaments

My goal this year with decorating was to repurpose things that I already had.  I didn't want to "have" to buy many new decor items and that is why I love having creative friends.  They may see something in a different light than me and what they come up with is MAGIC!!  Here is an example of what you can do with some old jars, vases, candle holders, etc, some garland and ball ornaments. 

this is how the project turned out

Candle stick were used as base under the vases to give some height
All of these candle sticks I found at Flea Markets for cheap.  Do not pay more than $2 for them!
Keep searching and you will find them for $0.50 maybe $1.  Once you find them this cheap you will turn your nose up at pricier ones.  
A strand of garland was cut apart and the ball were placed in the jar with some ball ornaments.
I'm learning that layering is good when putting objects into jars.

This is really a easy fix if you need something new to for your decor this year.  The vases, balls, garland, were all something I had already.  The 2 candlesticks I found at Savers and a flea market.  I paid maybe a total of $3 for both.  Think about what you can alter.  Don't be afraid to cut things apart.  Get in there and revamp old decor into something MAGICAL!!
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Donna Brady said...

Looks amazing! Great job!

The Creative Chickadee said...

Thanks Donna. I love meeting new people on this blog adventure!!

The Thrifty Designer said...

It photographed so nicely! I love how sparkly and magical it turned out. Just goes to show that you don't have to break the bank.

HANI said...

I love silver decors..this decoration is so beautiful.. Great work!!
I love to decorate too but my 1 year old curious soul reaches for everything he sees.. Can't wait to have some pretty things at home..
Oh and I love to craft.. :)